The human body needs many nutrients and vitamins to function to its best. Many of these nutrients are produced in the body and most are not. So, humans need to fulfill the need by external means. All these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are very important for the body so we must pay attention to our body for any signs of nutrient deficiency shows.

Today we will see what the signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are.

Vitamin C generally found in citrus fruits is ascorbic acid. It is required by the body in small amounts as the body itself cannot produce it.

Vitamin C repairs, protects, and keep tissues healthy. It also keeps the skin healthy by producing collagen. Vitamin C also helps in healing injuries and wounds.

How much Vitamin C is necessary?

An adult needs need 40mg of Vitamin C a day. Because Vitamin c is not stored in the body, we need to include it in our daily diet.

Children between the ages of 1-10 need 30mg of Vitamin C a day.

Children between the ages of 11-14 need 35mg of Vitamin C a day.

The deficiency can depend upon diet, lifestyle, the country you are living in, availability of fresh fruits. Deficiency of Vitamin C takes time to build up but it is necessary to keep your eyes open for the signs.

Signs and symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency

  • Rough and textured skin

Vitamin C produces collagen which is responsible for maintaining healthy and youth full skin. Collagen also maintains other connective tissues like hair, joints, blood vessels, etc.

A skin disease called keratosis pilaris can be a result of a deficiency of Vitamin C. In this disease, there is a protein build-up in the pores of the skin and the skin takes a bumpy chicken texture.

However all factors should be considered, one factor alone cannot deduce deficiency of vitamin C.

  • Red hair follicles.

Tiny blood vessels on the surface of the skin become fragile when there is a deficiency of Vitamin C and break easily which appear to be red hair follicles on the skin. This is caused by a severe case of Vitamin C deficiency.

  • Uneven and strange growth of body hair.

If body hair is growing in coiled shape or bent form it can be due to a deficiency of Vitamin C. One should take treatment for this as these hairs fall out.

  • Red lines and spots in nails

If red lines and spots are appearing n your nails then it is a case of Vitamin C deficiency. If your nails are spoon-shaped it can be a clue towards anemia. This condition is called splinter hemorrhage and red lines appear due to weak blood vessels due to deficiency of Vitamin C gets ruptured.

  • Dry and damaged skin

It is a well-known fact of the beauty industry that Vitamin C is a very important ingredient for healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin C produces collagen, prevents oxidative damage, prolonged effects of smoking, and drinking alcohol on the skin.

If you see these signs even with proper care and diet then it is because of a deficiency of Vitamin C.

  • Painful joints

Vitamin C is important for connective tissues. Joints need collagen-rich tissues and deficiency of Vitamin C can cause less production of collagen in the tissues.