On November 5th the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update will be launched, along with a new premium DLC — Happy Home Paradise. Now is the good time to Buy ACNH Bells on ACItems for the best price. This is the last major free update provided by Nintendo for New Horizons, and Happy Home Paradise is the only DLC that Nintendo plans to release for the game.

In October's Animal Crossing Direct Nintendo stated that fans can expect that these will be the last major content updates for the game. However, the company also clarified to the media within a few days after the event: New Horizons will not get any paid or free major updates after November 5. 

Happy Home Paradise updates and free 2.0 content will definitely interest players for a while, but after that, they will most likely only get the smaller seasonal updates that they see throughout the year.

New Horizons is one of Nintendo's best-selling Nintendo Switch games, setting a record within a few months after its release in March 2020. The new update may not revive the same excitement more than a year after its release, but it can return players to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 
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