Taxis in Cambridge MA come in different sizes. Certain taxis have seating to allow larger groups or families can ride together. Certain taxis come with a bigger luggage compartment. If you are looking for an Uber from Logan Airport and have a number of bags then you must book one of the above taxis. If you're doing your weekly grocery shopping, a bigger boot might be useful. Other people may require a larger taxi van to make a move or to transport the mattress or TV they recently purchased. Whatever your needs are, there's a Cambridge taxi to meet. To help you determine what taxi will work best suitable for your requirements, Cambridge Taxi has described the different kinds of taxis to help you decide which one to choose.

Tikla Cars

A standard taxicab within Cambridge MA is the standard type of taxi. It was designed to accommodate up to four passengers comfortably, with three sitting in the back and one in the seat of the passenger. However, because of the recent Covid pandemic, the only passengers are permitted to sit in the rear of a taxi, meaning that a regular taxi is able to accommodate only three passengers. The boot is big enough to hold groceries or bags that are smaller from shopping trips. For those who require an airport taxi Logan Airport, the boot is big enough to hold the check-in bag and one carry-on, or a couple of carry-ons to not have to check luggage in the terminal.

Taxi SUV

The taxi-style SUV is perfect for those looking to transport a bit more baggage. It can accommodate at the same capacity in a regular taxi but the bigger boot lets you carry more groceries, or make larger purchases from Costco and Best Buy. The additional space in the boot helps passengers who have bags, suitcases, and the ability to fold a stroller or golf bag. Taxi SUVs are the ideal option for anyone who has a folding wheelchair or an individual who needs taxi service to Cambridge MA to run errands. A little extra room in the back can make all the difference in the taxi SUV.

Cargo mini-van taxi

Cargo van taxis are the 4th kind of taxi. The cargo van taxi is used for transporting large items like mattresses or bookshelves. A cargo van can also be used to transport smaller objects, such as you are moving out of the dorm and moving to storage the move to a new apartment. The passengers are accountable for the loading and unloading of the goods themselves. There isn't a single taxi company in Cambridge MA has this type of taxi on their fleet. If this option isn't available, based on the size and quantity of your belongings it is possible to reserve an uber-minivan taxi if the back seat is adjusted to fit the volume and size.

When you book a taxi service within Cambridge MA, you should be aware of what kind of taxi you want to ensure that your passengers and their belongings can fit into. TiklaCars can also assist you in locating the best taxi for your needs. If you call to request the Cambridge Taxi or a taxi, a person on staff will help to find the best size taxi. If you would prefer to book an online Cambridge taxi on the internet, you can select the dimensions of the taxi as well as the number of people needed to ensure you get the correct taxi. There's an additional notes section in the online booking form, where you can specify the dimensions and quantity of luggage or if you prefer to bring a stroller or skis. So, you can be assigned the appropriate taxi.