recuperation to take area. The antique mind and threat     while the vintage mind perceives risk or hazard, pain or frustration, it is aware of a way to do five trendy strategies. 1. The vintage brain is aware of the way to disguise. How do you cover in relationships? Now not speaking, refusing to percentage or self-expose, mendacity, keeping secrets. When i used to be in graduate faculty, considered one of my professors informed of an architect who construct a secret room in his domestic and did now not inform his wife about it. Every time, he was absolutely annoyed, he could just disappear. He actually knew a way to hide as a manner of protecting. 2. The vintage mind knows the  Neuro Smart IQ  way to combat. How do you fight? Argue, yell, out purpose, withhold affection, refuse to speak, get passive aggressive, blame, accuse, criticize, and many others, and so forth, and so on. Three. The antique brain knows the way to run. How do you run in a courting? Literally go away the residence, pass for a pressure, separate, paintings later and later .