What Is White Label SEO? How Does White Label Reseller Program Work?

White label SEO is probably one of the most popular and import services provided by search engine optimisation experts and agencies. A company that offers these services would specialise in working with some of the most reputed and dedicated agencies, business enterprises and consultants of the market. This is mainly because people and marketing experts have now started you realise how important and useful the services of these individuals and organizations are in order to expand and create their unique strategies for marketing and take the website or web page of the business among the top rankings of several search engines.

What is white label SEO?

White label SEO basically is known for combining two of the most common concepts of white label or private labelling and SEO. In this service, the products and services that are produced by one company are sold under the brand name of another company.  SEO or search engine optimisation services involves making necessary changes to a website in order to improve its ranking on search engines by bringing in more organic traffic than before.

The reputed companies of the market that have several years of experience in the field of white labelling would be capable of efficiently delivering outstanding SEO services and results to their esteemed clients or customers. The sharp focus and smoother workflow of these experts make it much easier for the agency to complete their job and at the same time conduct necessary optimisations of keywords and titles that would be beneficial in taking the website easy or web page to the next level.

How does the white label reseller program work?

The way in which the agency and their white label provider would cooperatively work and function would depend mostly on the type of provider the business and its owners have chosen. It is also important to note the kind of relationship shared between the companies and their SEO agencies along with the different types of SEO services they need to fulfil.

1. Account Management and client relationships:

It is often seen that when a business enterprise makes the decision to join hands and work with an SEO agency, the parties must decide who would be handling account management and client-facing work. Usually, the provider of customised white label SEO services would be responsible for handling the different optimisations of SEO campaigns and deliverables. In some other cases, it is seen that the account management and client relationships are white labelled through which the white label providers or partners would personally interact with the clients of the company on their behalf. In simple words, these providers would act as the extension of the agency just for the search engine optimisation services. By using white label SEO services business enterprises have not only made themselves look like an expert in the field of SEO but they have also ended up saving a lot of money that they might have to pay to a qualified expert of these services.

2. Sales enablement:

Clients often mention agencies that would be interested in exploring search engine optimisation or SEO as a marketing channel. But usually, the agencies do not have the necessary collateral to prove their expertise and experience to the esteemed clients and sell the SEO services to them. This is exactly the part where the white label SEO partner is needed the most. The provider of white labelled SEO services would be completely responsible for supplying the company with case studies, market research materials and reports, pitch decks. All of these services would be branded and sold under the name of the company that even making it quite convenient for the company to efficiently pitch and close sales.

The agencies sometimes even close the sale on behalf of the company from a telephone.

3. Partnership or services?

A provider of white label SEO services for agencies would be responsible for offering specific services to their clients through link building or managing their content on the page. There are certain specific white label reselling programs that allow agencies to offer a wide range of SEO services through their various packages that can include campaign insights, reporting on a monthly basis, unique strategies and several others.

White label SEO partner or SEO reseller

SEO reseller is a common term that is usually used for referring to white label SEO programs and services. If an agency decides to just provide or resell SEO services, then they would be simply responsible for delivering the specific services that the clients might need from the reseller of SEO services. Under this arrangement, the agencies usually do not offer or provide any strategy or reports. But the agency can efficiently Hanley the various technical aspects and details that would include managing the accounts, maintaining good relationships with the clients and improving the overall sales process.

However, in a white label partnership of SEO services the agencies would go one step further to provide support to the business enterprise or firm whenever it is necessary. The fact that SEO reseller packages are not at all expensive explains why the agency partners prefer to make a significantly higher margin by joining a white label program over SEO resellers.

The various advantages of White labelling SEO

White labelling SEO can prove to be extremely beneficial even though companies that have efficient and effective employees who can handle the load of work, produce outstanding quality campaigns.

1. A completely new source of generating revenue without any kind of overhead expenses:

When companies do not offer SEO as a service to their esteemed clients or customers they prefer to join hands with a renowned and committed company that can efficiently offer SEO services that are white labelled. The day when the partnership establishes would be the day the company would start generating higher revenues. Even the overhead expenses that the company needs to spend is almost nothing because neither they need to train an employee nor there is any involvement of customer acquisition.

2. Experience and expertise in the Industry:

When a company partners with the provider of SEO services they do not need to invest any more time or money in building a new process or infrastructure from the scratch. In simple terms, this means that the company would benefit from the sharp expertise, knowledge, level of experience and commitment of the SEO service provider.

3. Land and Expand:

SEO partnership displays how the success of an agency is the success of their white label provider as well. The increasing number of clients of the agency would make the white label partner happier. Such a mutually beneficial relationship between both these parties would mean that the provider would supply the company with the necessary collateral required for pitching and winning more SEO clients.

4. Cost-effective growth of the agency:

The white label SEO services for agencies can be quite useful in scaling the client acquisition in order to make more money without spending any extra costs in hiring new SEO experts.

Expectations from a white label SEO providing agency

There are several companies in the market that offer customised white labelled SEO services to their esteemed clients or customers by using a variety of search engine optimisation or SEO philosophies. But the business enterprise and their owners must carefully decide and select the plan or ideology that suits their SEO services and their clients. Ongoing through the Internet the companies can find potential SEO service providers who have a good experience and reputation in providing SEO services that are based around certain types of businesses.

1. A Reporting Dashboard:

Every agency must have its own SEO reporting dashboard that is updated every day. This is mainly because the dashboard would be important for providing potential customers or clients with the necessary updates and information about the SEO campaigns and programs by the company. The presence of a well-maintained dashboard would motivate the customers to check it quite often and interact with the business enterprise.

2. A Roadmap of SEO Campaign:

While choosing a white label reseller program a company must ensure that the provider of this service provides them with important SEO Roadmaps. This Roadmap is very vital as the includes the proposed strategies for SEO along with a proper explanation that shows the reason behind choosing this plan and the manner in which it would be executed in order to get the best possible results. Besides, it is always advisable to have a benchmark report alongside that would be able to showcase the performance and results delivered from the client SEO efforts.

3. On page optimisation:

On page or On site optimisation are an important tool that forms the foundation of a clients success in Search engine optimisation or SEO. These elements include title tags, crawlability optimisation, H1s and several other methods.

4. Off page or off site optimisation:

Off page or off site optimisation basically involves promoting and marketing the content of the page in a way that efficiently increases its value. This leveraged value of the content can be seen when it is featured and mentioned in other blogs and web resources that have a good reputation in the market. But probably the most important components or factors that can efficiently promote content on the Internet is by using the method of link building that is also known as link acquisition.

5. Creation of the content:

The content present on a website or web page is not limited to just the blogs. It even includes important factors like infographics, slideshows, custom graphics, polls, quizzes, eBooks, white papers, videos and several others. Besides, a business enterprise and their owners can expect that the reputed agency that would be responsible for providing them specialised white label SEO services would add extra content on the web pages or websites in order to make them much more visible and in various search engines.

Every company that offers white label SEO services for agencies would use different methods and techniques for delivering their content on the page, but they would ensure that their clients are getting enough options and ranges to choose from.

Pricing techniques of white label SEO services

The pricing techniques applied by companies and agencies around the world ate not the same everywhere. This is mainly because they set the price of their SEO services based on the type of project they are working on. However,  there are certain methods and models for SEO pricing that are approved and used by most SEO agencies nowadays:

  • Monthly SEO packages
  • Hourly SEO packages
  • Custom pricing
  • Project based SEO pricing

1. Monthly SEO packages:

Just like the name suggests these SEO packages involve functioning on a monthly basis. Some SEO experts and analysts even claim this pricing method as the most popular one in the market. Clients can choose the model of their contact for either on a six-month basis or a one year basis.

2. Hourly SEO packages:

These pricing packages make it very easier for independent freelancers and contractors to charge their rates from customers on an hourly basis. Most companies nowadays prefer to hire freelancers and consultants nowadays when they need to build an SEO department. This is mainly because hiring these individuals would make it easier to complete the client’s project within a limited time and with maximum efficiency.

3. Custom pricing packages:

Under custom pricing packages agencies offering SEO or search engine optimisation services conduct audits and other important processes in order to determine the aspects or factors that need to be improved in a website so that it gets more organic traffic. The prices or fees that they charge from the company would depend on changes they have done. The customised and specialised SEO services that these agencies provide involve various analysis reports like the benchmark report, pricing recommendations, analysing the reports of competitors and other important strategies.

4. Project based SEO pricing:

The concept of project based SEO pricing is quite similar in nature to the hourly basis pricing method.  This pricing method would involve a lot of important factors like the deliverables and the timeline of the project.

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