People have a great love for activities, they like to participate in various activities and need various stages. It seems that many scenes need to build aluminum stage truss. However, there may be some problems in the process of building aluminum stage truss. Talk to the editor of the aluminum stage truss manufacturer to see how to avoid problems in the aluminum stage truss building process.

The load is too heavy, exceeding the bearing capacity of the aluminum stage truss of this specification. The load-bearing capacity of the platform truss is within a reasonable range (each specification platform truss has a corresponding load-bearing range, which will be affected by the span and material). Try not to over-save the cost in this area, which is directly related to the safety of the entire platform truss system; Due to quality issues, material and welding defects will affect the overall force status of the truss. Choose a more formal aluminum stage truss manufacturer to produce, and require the manufacturer to issue installation guidance documents, including recommended schemes and load-bearing.

Do not change, obey, or change the construction method at will. In special weather, strong wind and heavy rain, aluminum stage truss is usually painted with background spray, which increases the lateral stress of the booth and is easy to collapse. Therefore, try to avoid typhoon weather and take more safety measures, such as increasing diagonal braces, cables, and reducing lateral stress. If safety cannot be increased, activities can be stopped, aluminum stage truss can be reduced, and the risk of accidents can be reduced.

Not all stage safety accidents can be without casualties. Recent stage safety accidents that cause casualties have occurred from time to time, and many thrilling stage safety accidents are often unknown to the public, but they are no longer a secret in the industry. Therefore, strict control of some details in the aluminum stage truss construction process can solve the stage safety hazards.