Studying is crucial for every student, they should be competitive to achieve success. Lakhs of students are preparing for the exam as you are, your techniques of studying should be better than them to be at the top. Students need to get obsessed with their studies. It is a fact that when we are obsessed with something we always think about it. We do not want to think about anything else and it keeps on running in our minds. 

Gather a group of learning partners who share a common goal, such as exam preparation. Schedule regular meetings in a place suitable for everyone, such as your study in a library. Endorse the strength of your group by sharing learning goals and working together to solve complex problems. 

Taking a break reduces your stress level and helps you retain what you've been learning. If you are studying with a partner, taking a break from studying can sometimes help alleviate the feeling of isolation from studying. Use a clock or alarm to keep track of time while studying. You can use breaks for short activities like going to the bathroom, eating a snack, or calling a friend.

If you feel sleepy while studying, movement can help you wake up. Get up from your desk instead of browsing the internet during your break. Turn on the stretch and run in place. Studying too much information at once can be overwhelming. Instead, break your notes into smaller sections. Teachers can know how to teach online with the help of some online courses. 

 You will feel satisfied every time you master a section! For example, instead of trying to memorize all the equations, focus on one or two at a time. Add them only after you have mastered the previous ones. If you are studying history, categorize your records by event, historical person, or period. For example, you can study ten years at a time or focus on the outcome of one historical event.

You can organize your break around this little piece. This will help you relax while studying the material. To motivate you to achieve big learning goals, plan big rewards for hard work. For example, if you study for the midterm all weekend and study all the material, you get rewarded with tickets to the next weekend's concert. Having fun while studying will make the whole process more enjoyable.

 We were always curious when we were young. We constantly ask questions and try to learn as much as possible about the world around us. But over time, we begin to notice every day that our once-held curiosity becomes less and less noticeable and the learning process changes from a pleasurable activity to a mundane one. Some prefer sprints, some prefer marathons. The same goes for education.

 90% of your success depends on how well the training format you choose is right for you. As soon as you finish your first lesson, you have to walk at your own pace so you don't lose motivation. Learning in a short period and receiving only a small fraction of new information, performed at a convenient time is important. When the teacher is online teaching students should listen carefully. 

This way, you can avoid burnout by only exercising for 15-20 minutes a day during breaks or running. It's no secret how much the opinions of others affect us. If you're not already sure whether to take a digital marketing course after work, harsh words and sarcastic comments from friends and colleagues won't help you much. This is where inspiration comes to the rescue.

 A group of inspirational people is a group of like-minded people who share experiences while working together in the same direction. 

 The greatest strength of this group is that it helps each member achieve their goals much faster and keeps them on track throughout the process. Research shows that students' motivation and participation in the educational process directly depend on the time they spend working together in teams and interacting with each other.

Not surprisingly, many prestigious MBA programs use teamwork as their primary educational tool. Remember that feeling tired at times is a natural response to learning to become a part of your daily life. When your life changes, your body, especially the nervous system, is naturally stressed. So, even if you enroll in your dream course, new environments, new people, and new challenges will still make a big difference in your daily life.