Challenge-focused leagues are coming, in addition to a new Ironman mode for groups of up to 5 players. There is a new RuneScape gold on the road too -- here's the lowdown: The Morytania Expansion, that can open Darkmeyer's town to both mobile and desktop players. Inaccessible, the town will reveal new activities and a new agility program. The Morytania Expansion starts in 2020.

We have discussed Archaeology, the player skill being inserted to RuneScape at January 2020. This new action will encourage exploration since you unearth historical treasures hidden through Gielinor.A brand new type of equippable thing is also being introduced into RuneScape. Relics will imbue players like teleporting any place on the planet, with superb powered abilities. However, these come tagged with cooldowns and only one Relic could be worn at a time.Following on from RuneScape's current Land From Time update, gamers will soon be able to raise and nurture their own dinosaurs too. You may read more about the game's ancient expansion via our preview.

Thanks to availability, Runescape is getting more and more popular and remains a earner for developer Jagex. The sport has earned more than $1 billion over its long lifespan, and 260 million people have signed up to the match. This momentum is set to continue with Runescape cellphone, but the company might be targeting a platform. In accordance with Jagex Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson's LinkedIn profile, the company is focusing on a new unannounced Runescape RPG.

Contemplating Jagex's mobile approach it's possible they are working on a free-to-play Runescape console interface to buy OSRS gold for Xbox One PS4, and even Switch. Additionally, it is possible that this is spin-off or just a growth of sorts and that my prediction is totally wrong. Jagex has rolled out upgrades, expansions and content falls for Runescape within its lifespan that was considerable and this project could only be yet another one.