Last week, a World of Warcraft Classic data build surfaced on Blizzard's CDN, leaving many to think a beta with classic gold wow was on the horizon. On the official forums, community supervisor Bornakk squashed that trust, but did reveal that the new construct was related to current alpha testing which Blizzard employees are using. He didn't offer any other details, but it gave us a general idea of the place Blizzard is probably at with the job.

"I've got a little update here to help quell a few of the rumors and allow you to know where we're at for WoW Classic," he wrote. "We recently began a stage of internal worker alpha testing. The new construct data that many of you have been talking over the past few days is only part of this process. Phases in this way allow us to test out the game content along with other performance which will be used from the live game.

"Aside from that, we don't have some announcements to make at this moment. I know all you're very excited about this game and we thank you for your patience as we continue to create it. More information will be coming soon!" World of Warcraft Classic, whatever kind it will ultimately take, is supposed to come out some time this season.

There are many people who hold the belief that the vanilla World of Warcraft encounter was the height of this all-conquering MMORPG, and they've been looking for a means to go back to that ever since.

However, just what is going on with it? We haven't seen hide nor tail of it since the statement, and information on it's been rare, which is somewhat worrying when you believe that, in spite of a slated release date for this season, Blizzard does after all have a reputation for delaying games to buy gold classic wow, sometimes for years on end.Well, the fantastic thing is that development on the game is coming along. The good thing is that that's all the newest news we have--well, that, and Blizzard's community director calling the development of the sport a"complicated process".