Traditionally, companies have maintained manual visitor records in the form of log books and paper records. Visitors must write their information in these records; however, these systems are slow, ineffective, unreliable, resource intensive, prone to manipulation, and not easy to use. Furthermore, data retrieval from such logs is cumbersome.

As business complexities increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to work with a manual process. An automated visitor management system like SecuViz can help businesses:

  • Improve professionalism
  • Reinforced security
  • Improve visitor experience
  • Minimize waiting time for visitors
  • Enable data archiving and recovery
  • Gain insight by analyzing trends and visitor data
  • Comply with legal requirements.
  • Allow restricted access to gates, elevators, and turnstiles.
  • Meet specific security needs based on policy mandates
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of visitors.
  • Automatically inform hosts about the arrival of visitors
  • Allow hosts to schedule appointments and earn visitor passes
  • Reduce reception overcrowding
  • Address security concerns

And much more…

Be in control

An automated visitor management system allows organizations to better control the movement of visitors within the location and restrict their movement to only required areas. This also leads to increased security.


Be efficient

Smart visitor management also enables companies to plan their resources optimally. Visitors will be able to move around the site without the need for manual supervision. Companies can also staff their reception based on the expected flow of visitors, for efficient operation.


With SecuViz, companies can optimize their visitor management process and provide a pleasant experience within their facilities.