Direct routing between IP, digital, analogue, and GSM networks is possible using a VoIP GSM Gateway. These devices (stationary cellular terminals) can save a lot of money on telecommunications, especially for small organisations.  when switching from IP to GSM.


GSM Gateway

A VoIP GSM Gateway will allow calls to go directly from IP to GSM without going through the Internet. With a GSM Gateway your clients are directly calling your business and having a full quality of service. This will lower your client acquisition costs.


Why Should You Consider GSM Gateway?

You should consider GSM gateway to serve clients in emerging markets. In these places GSM services are just being introduced. Also for your enterprise, the quality of service that a VoIP Gateway provides is not as good as a GSM Gateway and it will take a lot of money and effort to upgrade your servers to give your customers the same level of service as your VoIP subscribers.

Also, keep in mind that a VoIP GSM Gateway will bring in some profit. As you scale you can add more lines.


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