Dubai, United Arab Emirates is popularly known by its alternative name that is the City of Gold. It is purely because of the fact that the best quality of this yellow metal and the best possible (lowest) price of gold’s combination are found in Dubai. With thousands of jewellers and steep high demands of gold, the city is rightly named. But another fun fact is that the City of Gold is also a mine for precious stones AKA diamonds! So let us find out if it is a wise choice to purchase diamonds or Rings in dubai.

The United Arab Emirates gets its name in the good books of the jeweller lovers by enforcing tax exemptions from raw materials and jewellery. Plus, the cherry on top is its highly competitive market and abundance of choices, variety, and stores that you can choose and select your favorites from Rings in dubai.

are also in similarly high demand as gold. The quality is top-notch and so are the ornaments and their designs.

Talking about these precious stones – diamonds, they are the face of elegance and grace. We would like to stretch it to say that they personify sophistication. With those delicate designs yet powerful shine, diamonds are definitely the way to go. If you are thinking to get your loved ones’ Rings in dubai.

 there are several places that we would like to recommend to you where you can get world-class designs at very impressive prices.

Before we get to the recommendations, we would like to let you know about a few important factors that you must consider and look out for before making a purchase of diamonds Rings in dubai (or from anywhere else). This can be your checklist!

The quality of a diamond is determined usually by the 4 C’s scale. The 4 Cs are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. They are exactly what their name suggests. The Diamond Cut is reflective of the workmanship or the work that has been done on the diamond to get the desired shape. It also is the quality of the diamond. There is an interesting fact about this diamond-cut related to Dubai. In the year 2005, a new, one of its kind diamond cut was introduced by the DMCC (Dubai Metal and Commodities Center) known as the ‘Dubai Cut’. This was a very special cut since it was 99 faceted, inspired by the 99 names of Allah.

The second C refers to the color of the diamond. A rule of thumb suggests that the lesser color that a diamond has, the more its value will be.

C number three talks about the clarity of the diamond. This scale of clarity ranges from ‘Flawless’ to ‘Include’. The meaning is exactly what the name suggests. The flawless clarity is of a perfect diamond (higher value, obviously), and include diamonds are the ones that flaunt some of their imperfections (also very beautiful and elegant).

Lastly, the fourth C stands for Carat that is, the actual weight of that particular diamond. Heavier the diamond, the higher the value.

Flaunting this precious stone on your finger is like a dream come true ! Rings in dubai.

are all hallmarked to be the best and pure quality. If you are looking to gift yourself or your loved ones’ rings, Rings in dubai.

are the answer for you!

Now that we are in love with diamonds and Rings in dubai.

, let us take you on a tour of places from where you can get the best and absolutely stunning Rings in dubai.

This is our list of top recommended jewellery stores in Dubai.


We cannot stress this enough, but if you are looking for the best jewellery, Pure Gold Jewellers should be on the top of your list! The jeweller has a heart of gold and designs that can blow your mind away. Pure Gold Jewellers laid its foundation in the jewellery making business in 1989 and now is a globally recognized and reputed brand of jewellery. They have magnificent designs of ornaments and a wide range of collections for you to choose from. They specialize in gold and diamond jewellery. Right from Rings in dubai.

to diamond earrings, pendants, and more, Pure Gold has it all. This is undoubtedly one of the best jewellery stores in Dubai that you can visit or even explore their collections online through their amazing website. Pure Gold Jewellers is our top and number 1 recommendation if you are looking to purchase Rings in dubai.



Another beautiful store of stunning jewellery is the Damas Jewellers. You cannot imagine the creativity and uniqueness that the store puts in making their jewellery stand out. There are several unique collections like the ‘Queen Within’ collection (inspired by the Queens), the Turban collection (Turban designs on ornaments), and also the Dome Collection (inspired by the beautiful dome monuments .bracelets are also a hit in the store and you should check them out.




Tanishq Jewellery is a TATA product that has now become a synonym for quality. The jewellery available here is of the best quality and best designs. Delicately designed ornaments with a great price and assured quality sum up the experience at a Tanishq Jewellery store.


These were our top three recommendations for the places where you can get the best diamond Rings in dubai. Dubai is huge in terms of the jewellery market, there are designs and stores available in abundance here, so you have a lot to explore. Our top recommendations will help you reach the best of the best at the earliest and find your perfect Rings in dubai.


We hope we were a little helpful. We wish to be a small part of your beautiful journey of jewellery shopping. Let us know your experiences with these suggested jewellery stores. Wishing you the best of everything.

Happy Shopping!