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Many of the greatest entrepreneurs have filed bankruptcy. You should never be ashamed of it as it is common and all people can face it. You cannot predict what will happen in future so you should always remember that bankruptcy does not make you “bad” or “irresponsible.” You may decide to establish a business and have a goal to be successful but suddenly a sizable medical bill hits you when you least expect it.

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Perhaps your situation warrants that you file bankruptcy but instead of the more common chapter 7 filing you only qualify for a chapter 13 bankruptcy, rest assured that At Grant Phillips Law, PLLC, you will meet with and be hiring the most experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney.  A chapter 13 is repayment plan. So let’s imagine for example a debtor has assets like real estate, jewelry, cars, etc. which have value but not sufficient to pay off all of the debts. In such a scenario, the debtor is a candidate for a chapter 13. Since there are assets with value, but they are not enough to get rid of the whole debt, the debtor can turn to the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney. In such cases, the payments are calculated based on the worth of the assets. So schedule a free consultation with Grant Phillips Law, PLLC to get more details and enjoy the best repayment plan.

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