Allaro Homes teamed up with Xenium Digital to create its first AR App for the user's to view some of the company's most recent custom projects in 3D or AR VR Mobile Apps. Allaro Homes being the finest custom home builders in Cairns and Townsville for over 30 years wanted the user's to visualize their new homes come to life with Allaro 3D utilizing the latest in Augmented Reality processes.

Allaro 3D App, powered by Buzinga makes it feasible for the user to take their first virtual steps into their dream homes just like in real 3D movies. This app also allows them to share this experience with family and friends on various platforms, increasing their engagement with Allaro Homes. To enjoy this 3D experience the user's need to just launch the App, focus the camera on the back of the Allaro Brochure to see a model of a beautiful Allaro Home come out of the page in 3D. Then swipe the screen to remove the roof and view the internal plan in detail. Swipe again to see additional Allaro Homes.

The scope for Virtual Reality is limitless.

Virtual reality Architecture & Business: Virtual reality applications can be extremely useful to architectures and businesses. Clients can create a virtual project of their construction site, factories, industrial site, hotels, real estate, rooms and restaurants. These virtual projects can help your consumers visualise the project in the real world.

Military and Virtual reality: Training Soldiers for dangerous, combat situations. This can be done without the risk of death and injury in a make believe virtual world.

Education and Virtual reality: Nowadays education has moved far ahead from books, pens and pencils. The increasing use of interactive technology at a young age has opened up doors to virtual classrooms for teaching and educating the students.

Healthcare and Virtual Reality: Robotic Surgery, Phobia treatment, patient therapy and Skills training for doctors and nurses are the different ways in which healthcare industry makes use of virtual reality apllications.