One of the trendiest of the marks of Primitive Wallpaper is the depiction of natural materials. This will include wood, cork, stone, brick, even grass - almost anything goodbye because the material occurs in nature or is definitely created with natural materials, like brick. As building costs still rise, and cheaper materials of 3D Wallpapers that are used in construction, these sorts of materials come at increasingly higher costs.

Plus, the talents of working with material like river rock, marble and brick are getting increasingly rare. These are dying trades, where small unions of men still exist to perform high-end, specialty jobs. except for the typical builder and therefore the average buyer, it's not feasible to create a homemade exterior wall of stone. this is often a drag decried by architects, builders and interior designers alike. Primitive Wallpaper, however, is one solution.

The number of designs, textures and patterns available within the realm of Primitive Wallpaper is vast. There are actually thousands to settle on from. Except for this text's aim, we'll examine three that deliver on style and budget, making old-world décor possible once more. The styles we'll examine are as follows:

Grass Cloth

Grass cloth may be a finely woven natural material that gives a warm, luxurious look in any space. The fabric is analogous to a cross between wood and stone, providing the softness of grass and a layered texture that can't be copied. Often times once you see an area that appears like pure luxury, the designer's trick was simple: use grass cloth on the walls.

River Rock

One of the newer styles to be made available within the Primitive Wallpaper collections is river rock. This material is one among the best when done properly. But few artisans can roll in the hay successfully, and therefore the costs are expensive. So, applying river rock with Wallpaper may be a pleasure only recently afforded. The top-quality paper looks a bit like the important thing, making this extinct artifact available to us all.


Occurring in nature as a sort of limestone, travertine may be a very fashionable material for floors and walls, both interior and exterior. Its beautiful wild, existing during a range of colors and patterns in mixtures of tans and creams, the stone is gorgeous as an artifact but expensive. Enter Travertine Wallpaper, available during a sort of style and as realistic looking because the actual stone, this product, is among today's biggest sellers among professional decorators and do-it-yourself hobbyists.

Exposed Brick

If you're fortunate enough to possess a home with a working fireplace or woodstove, you recognize the draw this feature can have during the cold winter months. To maximize an already pleasant experience, consider applying exposed brick wallpaper. Real brick holds within the warmth of a fireplace. The wallpaper version won't do that, but the looks of brick lets your mind dream of that warmth and help you forget the air's coolness.


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