I lift up the lift of the finger there is this small stutter same as for here so it is mostly the touchscreen performance that is hindered for buy laptop online reason maybe there has to be some more optimization left with the mouse it was mostly fine also with the touchpad and that didn't Rev the biggest issues but I also was never really happy about the overall performance everything seemed a little bit bothered by anything and after the last windows update things got even worse and sometimes just switching a tab to another one became quite bothersome experience and using the touchscreen.

Can't recommend at all there has to be something wrong they have to optimize the drivers because every time you lift off the finger you refurbished laptops for sale this odd stutter and everything almost always all the time felt a burden down same as the overall performance I used a lot of i-5 devices fourth-generation mostly and they were all fine but this is one of the first fifth-generation devices and I think maybe they have to do a lot more optimization because something just isn't right there I wasn't really happy and also video editing and everything felt just a little bit more Genki than I'm used to it otherwise the performance definitely has to be there because the components built in are there but the performance for some reason not quite up there yet next thing in line to talk about would be battery life heat and noise and numbers out of the way for us to one hour of charging gets.

You to about 63% about slightly over two refurbished laptop dell gets you to 99% and two hours and Ferdie and you are at 100 so this means you need about a half hour for the last 1% I'm not really sure what it is about and if you see 99 as a full charge you are at 12 otherwise a 230 not the biggest issue because the graphene here is the better life it is not just one of the best battery life so I've seen so far because I would say it is even the best better level I've seen so far with lower use just typing and browsing and lightweight tasks I managed to get to seven hours or seven and a half hours and even more with 60% of brightness so if you go in lower you can even get higher with normal mixed users I got to about mostly six hours or at least higher five for our levels so absolutely nothing to complain you and even on the harder task I would say three or four hours should be fine I never use my device for hours at a time on maximum performance.