As with everything, things must get better over time to allow folks to stay engaged. That's understandable. However, to be very apparent, T80 armour on TH isn't acceptable. Produce a clear, RS gold participant feedback driven, listing of what will, and won't be allowed from the new oddments shop. IMO this will probably land at: lamps, celebrities, silverhawk feathers, springs, auras, portables, heartbeat cores, elite skilling outfits, makeup. There might be a couple of things I've missed. T90 is not commonly used lol. People have access to bonds if they would like to buy t80 armours from MTX.

IMO highscores are useless already. According to people I have mentioned this also, that feeling is not global. Find a way for non-MTXers to be able to brag in their MTX-less achievements. But the point is that people do not wish to be'outdone' from the runescape game by individuals wealthier than them in actual life. For runescape players such as myself that want to conserve time, I don't care if people see that I MTX'd my divination so this will not impact your mtx sales amounts, but it is going to please those who are anti-MTX and feel their achievements are being devalued by the selling of XP.

When I think of the MTX heavy games (clash of clans, sport of warfare, fifa for example), I note that they aren't subscription based matches, they are freemium. Runescape is freemium, plus membership fee to have access to anything meaningful, and you are going to add RunePass / a superior option? No way lol. Here's my biggest and boldest idea: remove membership fees and eventually become a freemium game. That I average out at roughly 6minutes a day like I mentioned -- I cover premier and within the course of the year -- that is not an idea stemming from me being too cheap to pay for membership.

Membership is a requirement to play runescape game imo, now RuneScape Daily Special Deal Up to 20% Off, check out Rsgoldfast RS gold Special Deal Page for details. The F2P quest base is okay, however the skilling, places, etc. is so limited, it no longer has the pull of enticing individuals to P2P it once had. Our member base has fallen radically, and we need to remedy this. At Clash of the Gold Pass of Clan, look for ideas. Give runescape gamers a reason to play and link the challenges to things that aren't boring grinds. Add a massive payout (possibly in oddments?) At the conclusion of every pass/season to give runescape gamers a reason to renew.