You can be right or wrong about OSRS Gold the information I have about chairs. The guide lists six kinds of parlor chairs in the book. The number of construction spaces is not listed. Things such as the dining room and chairs in the parlor haven't got any further information, even though I have heard about the curtains working in the entire space, not just in each location.

Can anyone to solve this puzzle? I'm trying to figure out the number for of each place (3 spots to make chairs one spot for curtains), 1 spot to create two benches and a table and three decorations. I don't have access to the site as of yet, therefore I am unable to locate it. However, I plan to join in the future and would like to know how the value of each raw material costs. Since there is no guide that is detailed the information, I'm unable to find the details.

Or, my information is wrong or the guide is incomplete. In any case, I need assistance in determining the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase your construction skills without having the item taken apart and rebuilt over and again.

I'd like you to answer three questions. First, can I kill red drags? If then, which drag should I be killed? Do you think it is better to choose an investment ring or the life ring? The third one is, does the ring which symbolizes life sometimes not perform?

Hey guys, I was thinking about becoming mem soon after my march 16 b-day. I am working to get my cb score as high as possible so that I can become mem. I was wondering at how much I should increase my combat stats to make me a good mem. I was contemplating buying a whip to Cheap Old School RS Gold go with a rune-defender at the warriors guild. My real concern is how do I improve my stats so that I am able to use the whip/defender to kill good? I see people who have whips that only hit 10s, but I would like my whips to be like those who hit 20s.