Pablo Picasso is famous for his Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (The Women of Avignon) and The Old Man and the Sea ( Version D). But did you know that Pablo Picasso's painting "The First Communion" is the most expensive art work in the world when measured by the price/sale ratio? According to the list of auctions across the world, here are the top five most expensive works by Pablo Picasso when these sums are not included:

The Women of Avignon ( Version O ) - The most expensive paintings of Pablo Picasso when this version of his women's paintings were sold by an auction house. These famous pieces of art were sold in May/June of 1963 at an auction held by Robert Rauscher of New York. Rauscher was a dealer who specialized in selling prestige paintings, and this is one of these paintings. This painting has been on display in the Musee des Beaux-arts de Monaco since 1963.

The Old Man and the Sea ( Version D ) - At number four, this painting is the last Pablo Picasso masterpiece. It was bought by the collector Paul Morritz for an estimated price of US$ 165 million. This represents about one sixth of the worth of all of Pablo Picasso's remaining paintings. It is one of the biggest sales in history, and the sale of this portrait represented one of the milestones in the career of Pablo Picasso. It was also sold for the largest amount at that time.

The Children of Avignon ( Version D ) - Another of the most expensive paintings in the world, this image features five little kids lying on a hammock on a beach. They are standing underneath the shadow of an arch of trees. The large and strong figure of Picasso, right, is sitting nearby. In other words, it represents Pablo Picasso's "Picasso at the Mardi Gras."

The Umbrellas ofgas ( Version D ) - One of the most expensive paintings of all time, The Umbrellas ofgas is also a reworked version of a painting that was done around 1920. This depicts a scene of two men in the streets. The large and strong figure of Picasso is sitting on a chair, and in the background you can just barely see the silhouette of a man lying on the grass. The painting was sold for over US$ 450.3 million.

Of course, all these expensive paintings are not unique, because many artists have made copies or interpretations of them. However, as they have become more common, more artists have tried to create their own versions, which has increased their popularity, too. There are several works that have sold for millions of dollars, making them into collector pieces, rather than works of obscure art.