Antique Roadshow events are very popular with collectors, dealers, and individuals who are just looking for the next big thing. If you want to become involved in Antique Roadshow events or you simply want to find out what they're all about, you can do so by registering online. Antique Roadshow shows are available all over the United States and internationally. If you wish to attend an Antique Roadshow, you can register online. If you wish to buy an item from Roadshow participants then you can follow the Antique Roadshow Appraisals online schedule.

A brand new member of the Antique Roadshow family, the Louis IV Louis Vuitton Baby Phat Ballerina is the first item ever to be appraised live on air. The most expensive watch ever to be featured on Antique Roadshow was also the most costly item in its history: a Swiss pocket watches from 1914 that was appraised at a whopping $ 250,000. It was sold at an auction for over a quarter of a million dollars. However, in recent years, the vintage watch has been reappraised for nearly a half a million dollars, according to various reports.

There are several other items scheduled for appearances on Antique Roadshow broadcasts. For example, the current top selling book, American Collector, was appraised over one million dollars. The most recent item on the Roadshow schedule was a two-year-old Chinese vase that was found in a dumpster.

If these previous appraisals are anything to go by, there is little doubt that the Antique Roadshow is set to continue to grow. In the last twelve months alone, a total of eleven items were appraised in its program. It appears that this event is designed not only for the appraisal market, but for the viewing public as well. The Antique Roadshow has managed to draw a lot of attention from the general public and that in itself is a positive sign.

In addition to the live appraisals, the Antique Roadshow features a large number of special events. These range from discussions with experts and antique collectors, to an auction that raises thousands of dollars in ticket sales. Of course, no show is truly complete without the classic, hands-on inspections and pictures that allow us to better appreciate items. The Antique Roadshow team has always been open and willing to share their findings and knowledge with the viewers. They have also developed and refined their methods and techniques in reading antique documents and preparing the photos that accompany their findings.

The Antique Roadshow's future remains to be seen. They are currently seeking an appraiser, having hired former BIC Antiques Roadshow Chair and Curator Debra Lewis in March of 2021. The Antiques Roadshow schedule has not been released yet, but the Antique Roadshow website does indicate that the show will be expanding into the fall. Stay tuned for more exciting information on the Antique Roadshow calendar.