There are lots of signage types that are great for marketing your business. The right mix of signs for you depends on the types of business you have, where you are located, your message, and your goals. One very common sign type that is versatile enough for it to benefit most businesses and needs is a pull up banner.

What is a pull-up banner?

A pull-up banner is a sign that you simply pull up and can set up in a matter of seconds. They can also be known as roll-up or roller banner stands and tends to be 2 meters high with different widths depending on which you choose. They are printed on one or two sides per your request and are typically a very cost-effective option. Pull-up stands are easy to set up and collapse, making them a popular choice for sales teams who regularly visit trade shows. The low cost also makes them an ideal choice for point of sale inside your place of business. The cost is made even more effective by the fact that you can remove the banner portion of the pull-up banner and replace it as needed without needing to buy a new stand. This can often save you lots of money in the long run if you want to change out your messaging often.

Pull up banners are simply pulled up onto their stand and ready to display in seconds, making them really easy to use. One person is all that you need to set them up and no technical expertise is required. 

A pull-up banner is compact in size which makes it easy to use and display. A small amount of floor space is all that is needed to make a big impression at your event or in your business. They can also be stored easily.

Portability is a huge benefit of pull-up banners, which makes them easy to use time and time again. Being lightweight once folded up means your pull-up banner can be easily transported and used as needed.

Pull-up banners are also made to last which gives you a great return on your marketing investment. They are printed on vinyl that is designed not to crease and will look fresh every time they are displayed. The quality of the material also means your pull-up banner is durable and can be used for years to come.

When shopping for pull-up banners, it’s important to recognize that the lowest price is not always what you want to consider. The quality of the vinyl, the ink the banner is printed with, and the stand hardware all determine if the product will look great and if it will last. Sometimes the cost is a few dollars higher but the product will last longer and better sustain being rolled up many times or having the banner changed out. A pull-up banner runs between $130-$170  in Calgary so do your research to find the best sign company to provide them for you in this price range.