I can get past that very good daily use performance buy laptop online stable thermals with good noise levels actually very good pretty much silent anomalies with pretty much no call line to speak of and fantastic better life under not that great site to be called out would be so slightly big and bulky device for these days, after all, it can't be opened oh it can't be opened one-handed which is something that bugs me a little bit slightly frustrating trackpad and to speak us to tend to slightly distorting but that's pretty much all there is to say so I might not sound quite as impressed like I did last year but that's mostly due to the configuration that I got because last year.


 I got the highest-end model with the best specs and of course, the beautiful quad HD displays, and everything was just great not refurbished laptops for sale quite so much though the battery life this year since I had the lower end model my opinion is just a little bit more than’s a little bit lower just because I didn't get the great display even though it is fully satisfying but what I got here is the absolutely fantastic battery life but I'm pretty sure that this year even if you take the higher-end model even with the ice the quality display just because of cabling being so efficient you will get at least great battery life even though maybe not fantastic but if you're a business user and 1080p is all you want the performance on this one will absolutely be enough it is quiet it handles everything well the keyboard is great.

So all qualities are super high and I can't really see refurbished laptop dell of a negative impact, of course, like I said it's maybe not super compact and lightweight anymore but not all business devices are an Innova think red carbon or something like that so just keeps that in mind I have to say with higher-end specs which I would wish for next time I would be even a little bit more impressed but considering what configuration I got here I'm totally fine I can't really judge the pricing though since I just gave that up a long time ago and Dell device, especially in the u.s. you get so much better prices but I gave you all the pros and cons and I think you can quite nicely decide on what to do now and if you like to review your thumbs up maybe a subscription and leave the comments down below and just for the finish has.