One reason why nations have 3x5 flags is for representation--people living under that flag often feel connected. Every state in the USA has its own flag for exactly the same reasons. Each state has its own history before it joined the Union. Find out the history of America, and why each state has its own flag.

The flag of each state is a symbol for its history. These territories existed before the United States annexed other states. These territories were distinct entities, each with its own laws. Each territory was subjected to its own laws. Many flags depict the history and present-day status of the United States.


Each state has its 3x5 flag design. Different flags represent the state in different ways. Flags can include historical dates, geographical elements and animals. Flags can also be used as a way to highlight certain colors or symbols. This is often due to the flag's history.

Flags are often created by individuals or groups within a state. Sometimes, a contest was held to choose the best design. This is because the flag is the link between people.

You can see the similarities and the differences in the flags.


Alaska's flag features stars, but they are not the same number or pattern as our national flag. The state flag design was adopted by the legislature in 1927. It is interesting to note that Alaska's flag design was created by a 13 year old boy. The background shows the Big Dipper star Polaris. The background displays the sky, sea, and forget-me-not state flower. The North Star, also known by the Great Bear, represents Alaska's future.


California's flag depicts a grizzly bear. This symbol, similar to Alaska's Great Bear constellation, represents strength. California used this symbol to declare independence from Mexico in 1846.

Since the American flag represents our nation, each state's flag can serve as a symbol. These symbols often represent the state's past. It is important to understand the meaning behind each flag before you can recognize it. Understanding leads to unity, and understanding leads towards understanding. Despite being from different countries, all of us share the same flag.

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