If you enjoy the luxuries of warm water in bathing, washing, and cleaning this winter, the credit goes to your geyser. It keeps you safe from the hazardous effects of cold water. You should keep your water geyser maintained so that it can heat more water for you. You can maintain your geyser yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, you can book professional geyser services in Karachi.

Tips for Geyser Maintenance and Installation

Moreover, you should follow some important tips and tricks to keep your geyser maintained for a longer time.

1.      Do not Keep Your Geyser Switched on for Longer Times

Generally, people keep their geysers switched on for extended periods to deal with the shortage of hot water, especially in the morning. This is because everyone needs warm water to get ready for school, university, or office, and they think switching on geysers for a longer time can save time.

In this age of technology, geysers are capable of heating water in minutes. There is no need to keep your geyser connected to the electricity because it is a wastage of electricity. This will cause hefty electricity bills that will prove heavy on your pocket.

Moreover, it can damage the apparatus making your geyser break down, incapable of producing you with warm water. This way, you will be deprived of hot water, and the chances of catching a cold will increase.

2.      Lower the Temperature, Save More Electricity

You should lower the temperature of the thermostat in the geyser that can save you electricity. When you set a lower temperature, the water reaches the temperature faster without consuming a lot of electricity. This means the geyser has to work less, and it will enhance its life.

On the other hand, the higher temperature causes heavy bills and makes the water too hot to touch, which can lead to accidental burns. The higher temperature also causes damages to the geyser.

Book geyser repair in Karachi to get your malfunctioning thermostat repaired effectively and to avoid hefty electricity bills.

3.      Check the Pressure Release Valve

When it comes to maintaining a geyser, it is important to check all the components regularly if they need repair or replacement. A pressure valve should also be checked by releasing pressure at different intervals of time.

If the pressure valve is leaked, the geyser will not work effectively, depriving you of hot water. To avoid such a situation, you have to examine it regularly and replace it on time if it is leaked.

4.      Use Metallic Inlet and Outlet Pipes

It is better to use metallic inlet and outlet pipes because they are temperature resistant compared to plastic inlets and outlets. Plastic pipes may meltdown, leaving the hot water waste.

Moreover, keep checking joints regularly, and if they are catching rust, replace them with new ones.

Therefore, use metallic pipes during gas geyser installation to avoid damaging effects of high-temperature water in your geyser.

5.      Check the Anode Rod Inside the Tank

An anode rod in the tank is stationed right in the center of the tank to prevent corrosion and rust from reaching the tank walls. It attracts impurities in the water and does not let them stick to the walls of the tank.

Sometimes, the anode rod gets a lot of rust that it erodes, leaving the impurities to reach the walls and cause rusting. This rusting damages the walls leaving the water to leak through.

Experts suggest that we should observe the anode every three years or less. If the magnesium is corroded, then it is the right time to replace the anode rod. You should not wait anymore. Otherwise, it will lead to the breaking of the walls of the tank.

6.      Get an Annual Maintenace Done

It is wise to maintain your geyser every year to avoid water heater problems. If you do not have the necessary skills and tools, then you should book geyser maintenance services around you.

An expert knows how to deal with such problems. He can find out the actual problem with your geyser and can rectify it. In this way, your geyser can last longer and provide you with hot water every day.

Book instant geyser services to install and maintain your geyser with reliability.