In our country, there is no clear legal regulation on whether Rechargeable Laser Pointer are prohibited. In theory, they can be taken on airplanes. As for self-defense. It depends on your purpose. If the laser is blinding for a short time, it can be above 100 milliwatts, but 500 milliwatts or less is recommended. The high-power laser pointers on the market are generally large and bulky, and they are generally used for heat dissipation. It's all pure metal. The green laser pointer is different from the ordinary red laser pointer. Its output brightness is much higher than that of the red laser pointer, which is dozens of times or more than the brightness of the general red laser pointer. Point the green laser pointer to the sky at night, and you can see a bright green light piercing the night sky. Astronomers can use it to point to the stars, also known as "pointing star pen".

The light source is not a Burning Laser Pointers or laser pointer. If the laser or laser pointer does not emit laser light, it is not a light source. Only the laser or laser pointer that emits the laser is the light source, so that the laser is the real light source. If you have to say that a laser or a laser pointer is a light source, you must add a laser or laser pointer that emits laser light.

The laser pointer is a semiconductor laser. It has the advantages of stable energy output, small size, simple structure, low cost, etc., but in terms of color purity and directionality, it is worse than ruby ​​laser and helium-neon laser. However, use it to It is still a good light source for optical experiments. At present, the most common laser pointer that emits red light, the wavelength is between 630nm and 680nm, the power is generally less than 1mW, the price is very cheap, it is easy to buy, generally used as a children's toy
Or laser pointer; there is also a 3000mw laser pointer pointer that emits green light, with a wavelength of 532±10nm and a power ranging from 5 to 200mW. The price is more expensive and it is also easy to buy at present. Low-power laser pointers should avoid direct eyesight, and laser pointers with a power greater than 30mW should not be directed at the human body to avoid harm to the human body.