Prior to the release of World of Warcraft games, Blizzard's intention to allow Warcraft players to pay for transfers in classic games was obvious, but from the current situation, it is unclear when Blizzard Entertainment will start the payment transfer project.

After the game team started the usual server repair this morning, they changed some options in the game. By the time players can officially go online, they will be aware of the changes made in the game. Although players have seen the option of paid transfers, so far the official has not turned on this feature. In the game, players can clearly see that they can now transfer their characters to other servers for $ 25 and some Classic WOW Gold prices.

It's unclear what attitude players have towards this paid item, but for me personally, I think the price of this item can be lowered a bit.

Over the past few months, Blizzard has allowed limited free transfers on servers with too many players, and as a result, serious player imbalances have been created on some of the servers now. Due to the influx of players into the same server, this has severely reduced the number of players on other servers. It has even affected the emergence of the embarrassing scene of lack of peers to challenge the dungeon. However, one thing that has improved is that players with poor game experiences due to long server queues and unbalanced camps can move to specific servers for free to solve their problems.

But before that, it was the only free way for players to move their characters from one server to another.

After this paid project was officially launched, I also found some of these points, for example: players can only use the paid transfer role project once in 90 days. After you use this opportunity, you can only transfer your role to another server if you wait for 3 months. So be sure to think carefully before players start paying transfer roles. At the same time, there is a limit on the number of World of Warcraft Classic Gold characters can take from one server to another. Depending on their level, players of PvE servers cannot be transferred to PvP servers.

Just a week before Blizzard decided to allow paid transmissions, the launch of a cross-field battlefield made it possible for server-to-server vs player projects. Before last week, players could only interact with other players on the server.