Are you worried about getting bangs? Or do you have shoulder-length hair and want to know if side-swept bangs are right for you? It can't be easy to make the decision. That cute fringe haircut that Sarah Jessica Parker keeps sportin' could look really nice on you too! You should ask your hairdresser what would look best. Here are some fantastic hairstyles with bangs that are sure to inspire you 

Be aware, there are lots of bang extensions to choose from. You could opt for a blunt bob or a harmonious blend of layers with texture to pop! Here are some amazing extensions for bangs ideas!


Side Bangs

When choosing bangs that reach far down toward the cheekbones, they give the illusion of a more oval-shaped. A great hairstyle option for this would be some long wispy side bangs which are perfect for both shoulder length and long hair! Here's a good way to make sure whether the haircut would suit your face or not. If it is round, add some asymmetry with a cut on one side shorter than the other one. Look for shorter layers that frame your face and add height to your look at the same time.


The Classic Fringe

Fringe Bangs complement your seemingly effortless look with a cute touch. Everyone will think that you wake up looking fabulous and ready to take on the day every morning and I bet that secretly you love that they do! If you're looking for a quick bang-up hairstyle that won't take up too much of your time to style, give the straight fringe a try. It's definitely one of those beauty hacks that's worth trying! 


Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs For Visually-Balance Faces This style is all about giving you the illusion of volume. If your face shape is an oval or diamond, it might be hard to appear voluminous with hairstyles that don't focus on drawing attention towards the lower half of your face like curtain bangs do. Curtain bangs are weightless and make for a fun style to wear on any occasion. I suggest using a leave-in conditioner or even light hair spray to give them some extra bounce after you wash them to avoid experiencing flatness throughout the day - this tends to happen when they get wet! If you tend towards thinner hair on top, then you might want to consider cutting your bangs into layers too because this will also give some added volume on top while still complementing your face shape by framing it on either side.

Side-Swept Bangs

Make your eyes the center of attention with these lightly sweeping, side-swept bangs. The lightly sweeping bangs provide an effortlessly elegant solution for when you are growing out or thinning hair in this area, or when you want a style change without a major commitment.


Wispy Bangs

We all know how important it is for women to maintain their natural beauty. And fringe hairstyles differ greatly in that category. However, it's just as important for women of any age to feel beautiful too! Young girls want to feel beautiful just like their mamas do - and they're not afraid to show it either.  That way, those split curtain bangs are trendy so, if you want to try them out, you're not going to regret it this season. Wispy strands of hair move straight past the brows and hover a little over the eyelashes. You could soften your strong jaw with such bangs if necessary as they would make your face appear softer.  But before selecting any hair extensions for bangs, make sure to have a proper hair extension care routine for the longevity of your bangs!