New so I figured I would make my own video in case anyone out there is looking for a video real-life video of this buy laptop online and I'm just going to give you an overview of it the source port processor Ram everything goes so here it is this is a Dell 5580 last 25580 they drop the e55 out of the other naming convention for this one I assume that's because it walks it's a docking station port on the bottom so it's no longer compatible through a series docking station so they can't call in you series laptop anymore ELISA that's my assumption that's pretty disappointing in my opinion not to start off on a bad foot or anything but a lot of the lot of users that many I work for has that had that port on the bottom of their laptop.

So upgrading from the previous laptop to this laptop means they have to now a port replicator which connects via a USB 3.0 others you know instead of that serial port down there so that that was disappointing but other than that I mean that's how technology moves go in the same way as you know like the optical drive new refurbished laptops for sale come with optical drives anymore so I mean the simple workaround for that is just five full replicators I know that's big for businesses so just connect the USB 3.0 what's this laptop comes standard with as you can see it's got 8 USB 3.0 port on the back here see mine a little closer so it's got USB 3.0 here HDMI AC power outlet port Ethernet port it's got your laptop cable up to your VGA port another USB 3.0 port not really sure with.

This thing looks like you need computer store denver of those little ten cord punchers to punch that thing out and get that out I look and see what that is but uh obviously it's not that important if I don't know where it is so this is your headphone jack still got that thank god they're not on the iPhone route we've got your dual speakers upfront they found fairly decent has a built-in card reader like a cat card reader you know if you're in the military or in the government that comes in handy has an SD card reader full-size SD card reader another USB 3.0 port and a USB C port well the previous model a fifty-five setting does not have that USB C so that's a pretty big improvement also the thalweg on the back has been changed from black to silver.