One of my PoE Goods favourite thing when performing maps would be to find a violation -- let me notice that they can only look in endgame maps. You open up a realm which has monsters, If you approach a breach. Opened breach expands over time until the breach shuts and critters are coming . Slain monsters drop splinters associated with the violation kind -- so you can get Splinters of each type depending on which kind the breach that is encountered is, there are 5 breach types -- Esh Breach, Tul Breach, Xoph Breach, Chayula Breach and Uul-Netol Breach.

Combining 100 Splinters of the identical type will make a Breachstone (for example 100 Xoph Splinters will create Xoph's Breachstone and so on) that you can use from the map device to fight the Breachlord in his domain.There is a slight chance of breachlord appearing in the violation but you cannot kill it completely. It does drop a lot of splinters though.Some powerful and rare unique items can only be obtained through breaches, for instance, Xoph's Heart or Voice of The Storm and nearly all of these unique items can be updated with Blessing of their associated Breachlord (Xoph's Heart can be updated to Xoph's Blood by employing Blessing of Xoph for it for example).

Abysses is another league mechanic that's added to the game. Abysses function like the breaches but differ in some aspects -- you have to keep killing them to keep the abyss open and once you start them , monsters begin spawning. Abyss will continue to grow by creating cracks in the ground that monsters will creep from when you kill all the creatures. Adhere to the cracks that are abyss and you need to keep killing the critters.

After abyss, you will be rewarded with Abyssal Trove which includes some items or there may be an entrance to Abyssal Depths. When in Abyssal depths, you have an opportunity to Cheap PoE Currency encounter an Abyssal Lich that drops strong items and Belt foundations.