The announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker caused an uproar in the community. It is the latest extension of Square Enix's successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The latest news shows that it will be released on December 7, players can collect Final Fantasy XIV Gil in advance.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has three new areas. Labyrinthos is a huge room containing well-maintained knowledge and inventions. Located below Old Sharlayan, it contains a lot of FFXIV Gil for players who want to become heroes to explore.

Formerly the seat of an empire with a large number of magicians in the northern region, Garlemald was reduced to ruins by a devastating civil war that reduced the once proud capital to the shadow of its powerful old self. Moreover, if Garlemald does not seem to have any life, Thavnair is on the contrary, it welcomes adventurers with gorgeous, sultry tropical regions, through which the low hum and vivid tones of dormant magic can be heard and seen.

There are two brand new raids in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, and even the strongest fighters will be tested. The first is the new Myths of the Realm alliance raid. The task is to allow players to pool their power and tactical wisdom to solve the story of the twelve gods who ruled Eorzea. Next is an advanced raid called Pandemonium. This is a mysterious new challenge. A group of heroes will descend underground to fight against an ancient and chaotic evil force. In addition, players can choose IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil.