According to much research, people seeing and clicking ads are more likely to make a purchase from them than those who land on links organically.  Google Ads regulate over 73.1% of the total search advertising. Advertisers couldn’t always afford to continue to spend too much on advertising if that doesn’t work. 


In short, Google Ads is effective. But, what is tough? Selecting the right Google Ads Agency. Managing ads takes time, consumes more energy, and requires assertive energy. So, if you plan to choose a company to outsource an agency, it is better to understand how to choose the right agency to manage your Google Ads. The question is, how to do it? 


Let’s take a look at some characteristics that make a great Adword agency. 


Characteristics of a good Google AdWords Agency


Here are things that you must look at when selecting the best ad agencies.


1. Professional certification

The agencies you’re shortlisting must-have status of Google Partners. This means that the demonstrated Google Ad agency has the required skills and expertise to deliver great results to their clients, ensure revenue growth, etc. A partner status also gives the company access to several benefits including the Google Partner badge. Verify that each paid search strategist is certified individually. You can do the verification by checking your agency’s partner status with Google. This clarification will provide you with their certifications, and partnership style. 


2. Being creative

PPC agencies usually rely on pay-per-lead models that drive traffic to a landing page or an ad for the client. The downside of this model is that clients don’t receive the creative, landing page or the asset used to produce a particular landing page. It is good for agencies' ads, they could use one landing page for multiple clients within the industry. On the other hand, it is not so great for the clients as this system keeps them dependent on the agency to produce leads for them. So, insist your Google Ad agency provide you with the assets and creativity they have produced for you. 


3. Transparency

Google requires their agencies to be transparent with their client which is another reason why Google Partners need to have certifications. Google believes and mentions that most of their certified partners are transparent to the clients. The factor of transparency isn’t common with other non-certified agencies because most of them won’t provide this to the clients. So, if you’re working with a Google Ad agency, it is important to have access to all their reports. Also know the metrics like clickthrough rates, keywords, impressions, ad groups, accounts, etc. Ask straightforward questions to your ad agency as it is their duty to inform the clients about progress.


4. Must have a consistent track record

Your agency should provide references and case studies at the beginning so that you could validate their expertise. There shouldn't be any doubt about their ability, skills, and capabilities. Have enough data to vet their experience in the industry and track record accordingly. Ask the chosen ad agency for all the data you need to validate their performance.

5. Must have a clear methodology

Your agency needs to have an established methodology and process to manage your campaigns. They should be able to identify how and when to add keywords and create new ads, maintain your budget, and still get promised results. The agency should also be able to tell which tests to run. 

Your search for a perfectly legitimate Google Ad agency is over because we at Ambitious know how to get you the best results in the promised timeline. All our experts and professionals know AdWords management. Remember these characteristics before you choose your agency. Once you find an agency that fits your needs, give them the required resources they need to boost your revenue. 

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