World of Warcraft has been a successful MMORPG that carried the genre since it released and hit the ground running in November 2004. Since then, I’ve accumulated 100 days played on my main character and have explored every expansion in one way or another. While my primary class has fluctuated from Druid to the Paladin and eventually the Shaman, I’ve been through the best and worst of times with World of Warcraft and admittedly, Battle For Azeroth was one of the worst expansions. While the pacing was great and the whole experience was streamlined, it further emphasized all of the problems with the Massively Multiplayer Online roleplaying game.To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit official website.
We can search and count, but never get the exact number of active WoW players or any other game. First of all, the criteria for that are different for everyone who keeps those records.

Every month, hundreds of thousands of people take an active part in the basic version of the game, and certainly even more so in the special challenges and additional episodes. That’s indeed a lot of people we are talking about here.

Our view is that this game deserves to be nurtured and respected for its cult status, no matter how many players there are this month or last month. It is quite normal for the younger generations to look for different challenges from the ones we are used to. However, there will be enough people in the world not to allow WoW to disappear and continue to be the basis of what we know today as modern gaming.hina, on the other hand, has censored skeletons over cultural issues and disagreements. In some countries, it was also a political problem and used in propaganda, of course, without the permission of the creators.

As you can see, even when popularity declines, World Of Warcraft remains a real giant among people who love multiplayer games and video games.

WoW is much more than a number and active user accounts. For many people, it is a way of life, religion, style, something they keep to themselves and do not share with anyone. It is understandable that he has a cult status and it is more than clear that he will keep it for a long time.