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The most reasonable explanation is that Wrath is a very successful expansion film (after all, it gave us the first real in-game animation), and was hyped up in Cataclysm. Cata has received so much criticism for its terrible expansion, so it's easy to forget how many players were expecting it at the time. This is also the key. The disappointment with Cata is largely related to the high expectations of players. Of course, being hyped is fun, but sometimes it just leaves behind an impossible expectation.

On December 7, 2010, the Cataclysm came with all its anger and glory into the hands of players with no defense. One difference between Cata and previous expansions is that the maximum player level has only increased by 5 levels, and the maximum level is 85. One reason is that, as part of the pre-patch, smashing occurred and changed the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Although some players will be sorry for this fragmentation, it is generally a good thing. It refreshes the whole world and introduces some exciting quest lines to the original game. Of course, I do miss some old areas and lines of exploration that have been demolished, but life is moving forward; it will not stand still.

Firelands seems to be overlooked when people talk about Cata, but I have to mention it because it is still one of my favorite raids. All bosses are interesting and provide unique challenges. You might think that this is what each raid says, but most bosses are the same, but the ability combination is slightly different. For example, Beth's tilac needs to separate the group a little, and a group fights with her online, which is strange and interesting. However, my favorite battle was Alysrazor, because at that time I was a shadow priest, so I could fly all over the place, which was completely different from what I had done in raids and explosions before.

In general, Twilight's time is fairly stable, but it is also very hateful. One of the reasons is that he has trapped us for 8 months in Dragon Soul. Although not as bad as Icecrown, Icecrown is a more interesting raid. In addition, the subject of "Deathwing Wars" is a huge round tower, although I have to admit that they have unique mechanisms. Another reason this patch was ignored is that this is where LFR was first introduced. People generally hate LFR, and in most cases this reason is terrible, because it only affects those who choose to do so. Some people think they have to do this to get their Classic WOW Gold bonus as quickly as possible, but at this point, it doesn't make sense to hate it.