All food business owners focus on providing their customers with the best food and service. Maintaining a commercial kitchen is important for the health and safety of your customers and people who work at your food establishment. As a restaurant owner, you need to meet all safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure the safety of the client who dines in their restaurant. For example, if you are not regular with grease trap service in Roseville for your commercial kitchen, the sewer line can get blocked, causing backups and other serious problems for you.

When it comes to maintaining a food restaurant or establishment, you can’t overlook the main areas of your commercial kitchen.

If you want clean and hygienic kitchen operations, here are the top maintenance tips you need to follow: 

Grease Trap maintenance 

Commercial kitchens have grease traps to prevent grease, oil, and fats from cooked food from going into the drainage system. This waste should go into the dumpster instead of going into a sewer line. When grease traps are not cleaned, they will lose their ability to drain the wastewater. This obstruction will not let the water drain properly and the grease trap will start overflowing. As a result, you will have to seek plumbing assistance that can be very costly.

Regular cleaning and maintenance service of your grease traps helps eliminate bad odors coming from your commercial kitchen. Grease traps need regular cleaning to prevent blockages and backups in your sewer line.

Drain cleaning

The drains of your commercial kitchen need cleaning regularly to let the water go down the sink effectively. If your pipes are drains are clogged, it will affect your drainage system. To ensure you have clean pipes and drains, call professional drain cleaning services on a regular basis.
Sometimes, the issues in your pipes can be serious. You may have serious clogs in your pipes. In this situation, you can rely on the hydro-jetting technique. It is an effective method used to remove any type of obstruction from your pipes. Only certified professionals should be hired to perform hydro jetting in Sacramento as this method is a complex one and also needs precision when it is used.

What you do after you use your sink in your kitchen also has a great influence on the effectiveness of your drains. Run hot water down all the drains in your commercial kitchen after every use. Hot water helps liquefy the grease and fats that have found their way down your drains. You can also pour a cup of vinegar down your drain if you suspect you have a clog in your pipes.

Septic Tank maintenance 

Septic tanks treat the wastewater coming from your commercial kitchen or home, buildings.  If your commercial kitchen is connected to a septic system, then you need to have it pump more frequently. Normally, septic tanks are required to be pumped every 3 to 5 years to ensure the septic system is working efficiently and effectively. Not being regular with septic pumping has many drawbacks. First, it will cause damage to your septic system and also lead to pest and insects infestation to your septic tank. To promote public health, you must contact regularly septic pumping in Auburn at least once a year for maintaining your septic tank for the commercial kitchen.