First, let’s learn what wisdom teeth are?


Wisdom teeth are basically the last adult teeth to come into the mouth. Some people have it on two of the top or two on the bottom and few people only have one out of two. A lot of people have their wisdom teeth in their late twenties or thirties as you know your mouth goes through a lot of changes in your lifetime and one of the major changes is getting wisdom tooth pain.



Major Impacted wisdom teeth 


The most impacted wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth. The reason why they are painful is they try to make a space between the teeth and emerge normally.

Impacted wisdom teeth are most painful.

When it comes to damage to other teeth it is vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease and other dental problems wisdom teeth are the major cause of many other mouth problems because they can create immediate problems in your mouth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are so painful that many dentists suggest wisdom tooth removal so it won’t cause a severe infection in your gums. 


Is it necessary to do wisdom teeth removal?

Usually, wisdom teeth don’t have any symptoms it just causes pain but impacted wisdom teeth can have severe symptoms 

Let’s hear some out -


Red or swollen gums

Tender or bleeding gums

Jaw pain

Swelling around the jaw

Severe pain in gums 


If it’s the case you should visit a dentist because it can cause damage to your teeth, develop cysts, and can form a gum disease. You can prevent it from expanding by daily brushing your teeth and regular dental appointments. 


How to get rid of wisdom teeth- 


Wisdom teeth removal is also known as dental extraction and tooth extraction which means pulling a tooth or removing a tooth from the alveolar bone.

Many people felt severe wisdom tooth pain that they are ready to remove at any cost. The process of wisdom teeth removal has two tooth extractions. First, go and make an appointment with a dentist by choosing the option dentist near me, find the best dentist, and visit. Many people come across two types of tooth extraction don’t be confused between two of them. Ask your dentist they’ll suggest you the best out of it. 

There are two types of dental extraction- 

Normal extraction- Here your dentist will give you anesthesia so the tooth & gum tissue will be numb and the dentist can easily perform removal techniques. 


Surgical extraction  - As you can understand by the title it is surgical-based extraction. It is a surgical procedure used for a tooth that may have broken or has not come into the mouth yet. 


Both procedures are only done by a dentist. 

People should visit a dentist once in 3 months for better oral hygiene. It is easy to find a dentist on the internet by searching wisdom teeth removal near me for a better dentist option nearby.

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