Understanding the meaning behind plus and minus signs in sports betting is essential. This is because you will get to answer the question of how do sports betting work plus-minus. Odds tell a lot of information together with numbers. Please keep reading to know more on how do sports betting work plus-minus and how to read them.

Odds with Minus Sign

The minus sign is also called the favorites, and they represent the team that has favor. Betting on the favorite will lead to you getting the worst payout odds on your wagers because they usually are likely to win. If a number has a minus sign like -110, you will refer to it as the favorite. The number next to the minus is the amount you need to win and, in this case, $100 profit. If the number you are betting on is -110, you will need to wager $110 to win $100.

The Odds with a Plus Sign

These are the underdogs. If you see a number with a plus sign in its front, for instance, +150, it shows the underdog team. Betting on the underdog means you will get high payouts because the possibility of them winning is low. The team with a plus sign like+150 is the underdog. The number tells the amount you will win if you wager $100. Therefore, if the number is +150, a $100 bet will win you a $150 profit.

Why -110 is Essential to Most Sportsbooks and Casinos

Before we let you know why -110 is essential in sports betting, you need to know that betting sites exist to make profits. Sportsbooks use -110 odds. They need to make a 10% commission if you are betting evenly on both teams.


After reading the above article, you now understand the question of how do sports betting work plus-minus. To understand betting odds, you need to commit yourself to proper research and make sure you also compare several sportsbooks to find the one that fits you.