Each tape rolls are measured in 1.5” by 5 yards, which makes it suitable to wrap your thumbs during exercising.

Standard tapes use a non-slip material with a standard weave that’s last through heavy lifts while absorbing sweat and chalk without losing its structure.

How to thumb tape while exercising, image #1

Whether you’re a professional, athlete or bodybuilder who inspired lifting quality gym equipment while exercising, it’s paramount to have weightlifting tape whenever you find yourself in gym section. This is used as both a preventive and restorative tool, weightlifting tape is meant to provide adequate preventive support during or after exercising activity. It’s used to wrap ankles, wrists, and other joints to help provide protective and ensure proper workout during exercise.

Most people use non-adhesive thumb tape as an alternative to a headband to help keep hair out of their eyes, while some turn to weightlifting tape to prevent calluses while weightlifting. Before purchasing for any weightlifting thumb tape for workout, know this. Weightlifting thumb tape are different from medical thumb tape. Weightlifting is manufactured with the intention of protecting your thumb from hook grip, metal gym equipment, stiffness and lot more.

Most people in most cases always strive in using weightlifting tape to add as medical tools. Medical tapes are used for medical purposes while weightlifting thumb tape are used for fitness exercising center. on purchase of weightlifting thumb tape, look out for the differences which is mention above and always stay committed in applying thumb taping while exercising. Without thumb tape, most weightlifters' thumb is stiff when you exchange pleasantly. When you are out for weightlifting tape that will suit your workout exercise, take a look at the review to see which type of tape is best for you, and always ask question regarding the expiration date.

Few Tactics used during while thumb taping.

001. Begin with a full roll of weightlifting tape, adjusting it down the opening line, generating equal wide strips. Best recommend using Four inches of tape; however, you can always figure out the best working thumbs accordingly based on individual thumb size.

002. Always keep the tape on the underside of your thumb with the excess hanging.

003. Adjusting the thumb bent, attached the tape around the thumb once, working your way up vertically, continuously with lite weighted.

003. Wrap the nail and continue covering the thumb forming a figure four or other pattern on the underside of the thumb.

004. Finalize by wrapping the excess thumb tape round the back as to not tear off while holding up against the gym equipment.

When you are done with the above stage of thumb taping, you can lift a weighted equipment easily. Remember before engaging with any weighted equipment, make sure you approach your coach or whosoever that supervise you while workout, failure of having a coach can result to breakdown of ankles or issues that can take years to be healed. Previously I started workout without contracting a coach to torture me on how to go about it. I started by no thumb tape weightlifting; I went ahead to lift weighted equipment which cracked down my ankle which later ended up my medical practitioners. This experience thought me much lesson, after which, I contracted a coach to torture me on Exercising using home and commercial gym equipment. Today, I can boost of quality and standard experience while exercising, I always thumb tape while exercising for both hook grip and other normal weightlifting exercise. With the lessons from my coach helped me to standout today.

Weightlifting thumb taping are awesome in protecting and safeguarding your thumbs from growing stiff, safe hook grip, ankle protection and other benefits that your coach will lecture you while exercising.

Conclusion: Always exercise with thumb tape. Whenever you come for workout exercising, thumb tape most thumbs that handle gym equipment. Remember not all thumbs touches gym equipment while exercising. You can figure out the most exercised thumbs and thumb tape.