I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I am hoping this is not merely terrible coding and there's a fix to cheap Madden 20 coins:

I recently launched a brand new franchise commanding just a RB. I have played numerous franchises as a QB and found while Madden was challenging I was winning consistently because a mobile QB can pretty much take any situation. I was ending up with good passing amounts and rushing for 1000+ a season. Partly because the running back AI was so terrible that I was scared to hand the ball off in important situations. I don't know how often I saw Lindsay run in the ass of a lineman rather than hitting the hole to the right of him. Or how many days he cut inside when the outside was wide open etc..

What I did not plan to get is that the QB AI will be equally as bad. I just lost in the divisional round of the playoffs after going 13-3. Here is some of what I discovered: Aaron Rodgers is incapable of throwing the ball away. Something he's known for in real life. Never did he scramble. 3rd and 18 after eating the 8th sack of Madden? He'll throw to the apartment. 50 yard bomb into double coverage.

Time doesn't matter. I lost in the divisional round since I moved the ball down the field and centered it for a simple field goal. Except when they shot my RB off the field they didn't call time out. So time perished before they could kick. We went to OT and never got a chance with the ball to buy mut coins. Crosby also finished the year 1-12 in passing with 1 TD. Why? Since every time we chased out within the 10 that the AI would try a fake field goal. Why?? This ended up breaking a significant game in the regular season where Madden again went to OT and I never got a chance with the ball.