I've tried madden 20 mut coins what seems like each graphical/CPU setting I have discovered online to make Madden run well and when performing Franchise or offline MUT everything has seemed okay... but I have been attempting to get in to KO, which is a lot of fun, but every 30 minutes or so I get an issue where Madden freezes for like 3-5 minutes after which"speeds up" to catch up to the play and, obviously, that rarely works out well for me. My connection speed is nice and no other game has such a problem for me personally. I know M20 on PC has a few issues, but I haven't seen many posts about this matter that is particular. Anybody else needed it and have some possible fixes? It's essentially making the part of Madden unplayable.

I have not seen these bugs on Reddit, but to be honest I have not checked. Does anyone else have issues with the mode CONSTANTLY freezing about the Xbox One? It will freeze when we choose our foundation group, then sometimes it will say"finding match" eternally, or"match found" and occasionally sometimes it finds the game and then we just wake out. Another issue we keep having is when we beat a group we don't get the option to pick a Madden player. No it's not like trying to pick on a RB when we have one, before you ask. We've beat so many teams with legends that we can't even get because Madden doesn't give them as an option to draft.

These are two issues that continue to get worse. I thought maybe they patched some of them with the update, but it is even worse. Now it also takes FOREVER to load our selections. I am interested to see if other people have these issues and what console you are on. I went for this problem specifically on this subreddit. 100% of the time when it says another group has quit during matchmaking SEARCHING, I have no choice except to cheap madden 20 coins relaunch Madden.