Internal Content

Internal content describes the content on your business website, including text and graphics. In addition, the digital space provides additional content options such as backlinks, interactive forms and embedded videos.

The purpose of internal content is to provide the necessary information, such as prices and services, to visitors who visit your website. In addition, internal content helps you showcase what your brand offers.

The benefits of internal content include:


Increases visibility of existing owned content

Lowers content creation cost

Improve content marketing return in investment

External Content


Unlike internal content that describes your company and services, the external content is written as blogs. External content is used by most businesses to drive traffic to their website.

The benefits of external content include:


Improve relationship with influencers and content creators

Extend the brand’s reach

So, What’s the Difference?

Brands use external content to attract customers.


Internal content focuses on information about your organisation, including prices and services. In contrast, the external content is created by customers and social media to drive traffic to the site.


Internal content is updated as different levels and information of your brand changes.


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