The Storm Pike Dwarf established a stronghold in Alterac long before the Frostwolf arrived. The Alterac Valley as we know it is just one of many valleys surrounding the Alterac Mountains. Led by Stormy Parker Captain Mani Bronzebid, they were given an order to control the valley and use lethal power against any force that resisted their expansion.

The dwarves are in trust in their abilities and believe that they can have a place in the valley. So they launched an attack on the valley, triggering a conflict between Frostwolf and Blizzard. The latter led the heavily-armed Dwarf Blizzard Guard to help with these incursions. Vanndar Stormpike led his army to join forces to defend against war, but the dwarf had only one goal: to destroy the frost wolf. Vandal believed that only by killing Drek'thar could they drive the orcs out of the valley.

Drek'thar believes that the land they own now belongs to them many years ago, but in the face of sudden violations, the expansion of the dwarves has threatened them. No one wants to step back, Drek'thar doesn't want his territory to be violated, and the dwarf wants to occupy a place in the valley. In the stalemate between the two sides, the outbreak of war is imminent. The leader of the Icefield Wolf wants to stop the dwarves from invading themselves at all costs, while refusing to reach a peace agreement.

At the same time Vanndar hopes to completely destroy the dwarves and avoid future troubles, including their leaders. Drek'thar also believes that Storm Spear copied his clan's defense strategy, giving him a strategic advantage. In World of Warcraft, there are a lot of exciting updates and expansions waiting for players to explore. For more ways to play, group wars are a very good experience in the game. You can go through the level with friends in the game, or choose to plant World of Warcraft Classic Gold; to help you get better equipment and weapons.

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