I use the roster on PC of ThatFranchiseGuy. The one's on PS4 and XBox are updated weekly unlike the PC version. Remember for MUT 20 Coins the ratings spread is far more intense than in EA's roster. There is also a great deal of overhauls in his roster though like strength and impact blocking corresponding to Madden player size, bigger throw power disparity between Madden players, and ratings which are tailored more towards a Madden player's strengths allowing you match out your roster with reduced ovr role Madden players that are still usable because they have their particular strengths like Madden players do in actual life. If you'd like a breakdown he created for the roster here.

You can edit the Madden players at the"Manage Rosters" segment but when you enter CFM all of the edits are there but the other options to utilize the newest 35 face masks are gone and the neck roll is back to only the vintage roll. CFM needs another upgrade. We will pass along this. I am tracking down the year option concerns around Franchise leagues that are online too. I will be sure to offer an update When I get an upgrade. Only working together with our Devs in the moment.

There's times where I want my dude would get to outside the ball where I am an inch away from a touchdown or the first. Maybe add a feature out when going into the ground, where will extend the ball. Nope, just have to expect to obtain a tackle animation where your man falls forward.I've been requesting for a feature like this for years! It always feels like there is an invisible wall sometimes on the goal line or 1st down markers and I'll get stopped suddenly and instantly, less than an inch from the point, as if there's absolutely no such thing as momentum and physics. Any true soccer Madden player would attempt to extend that ball. It can get annoying.

The ones that get me the most would be the tackles from the side which you stonewall you online when all the runner needed to do was fall forward like abnormal human being.could've sworn I read someplace holding X (ps4) or A (xbox) while in the handling animation gets the Madden participant extend their arms with the ball if they possess the"fights for yards" archetype checked.used to have this back in madden 08. If you are on the goal line gently tapping X (or square for ps) will make your man attempt to jump cheap Madden 20 Coins over the line. Or there's a guy trying to cut you off and if you're running down the sideline x could make him reach out the ball over the pylon. Madden used to be excellent.