I stopped playing Madden mut 20 coins now three years ago, I still read this sub because I wish Madden was good. Reading the posts in this thread is fucking heartbreaking...its 20 fucking 19 and when you're offering to land him in order to exchange for him we must move kicker Kyler Murray. Simply place EA isn't trying and does not fucking care. There are so many unique ways they can make Madden good, plus they just don't because if Madden is great or not doesn't matter.Does anyone have they drafted that is bad on a basis that is consistent but comes up with the clutch shit like this picture although that one? I spent a first on a receiver and he also came out with Superstar dev however he doesn't have an acceleration so he is like never open but he only makes the most insane plays.I love drafting Ruggs. I returned three kicks for TDs I'd him. Anyone with immediate game altering ability like that's a draft pick that is worthy.

Have. Could not do shit initial two decades but he is going to find Superstar X Factor if I catch him 200 receiving yards/4 TDS this week against the Browns and has 471 getting yards through 4 weeks in his third season. Would pair up nicely with my superstar X factor QB who's essentially god grade Kyler Murray.I had one like that a few years ago. Quarter, 3 seconds on our own 35 yard line, so I throw in trips verticals and snap the ball going to get a hail Mary. The guy determines to like cover zone so I just throw it to the WR as fast as you can and ran it in for the TD to win. It's funny how you can keep in mind these minutes and they do create CFM.

Madden is at maintaining retired numbers wank. 80 is nearly always taken after a few years as is 16 for the 49ers. Like come on, two of the largest Madden players of all time can not have their numbers permanently retired.My Rookie feeling in the second half of this year AJ Dillion carried my Denver broncos to the super bowl at drew locks 2nd season. Had madden ultimate team 20 coins Henry Ruggs. Use That Franchise Guys draft roster.