On January 14, Pacific Time, Blizzard officially released version 8.3 of World of Warcraft. Visions of N’Zoth is officially launched. With the expectations of players, this update received 10 million downloads in a short period of time. This shows that players are crazy about World of Warcraft.

Despair and madness devoured the land of Azeroth, and the heroes of the Horde and Alliance needed to maintain their sanity and fight for this scarred world. Explore the future of Azeroth as foreseen by the ancient god N’Zoth, and hone your mind in maddening raids and appalling illusions.

Prepare for N’Zoth raid and Horror Illusions
N’Zoth is trying to make Azeroth part of his twisted future. If you want to defeat N’Zoth and destroy his army, there are some conditions that need to be met.

Hard condition: You need to have enough Cheap WOW Classic Gold.
Level requirement: 120 to unlock Nashattar and complete a series of guided missions, until they set foot on the "return road" with Magni Bronzebeard. Activate the Furnace of Hearts and unlock the essence system of Azeroth's Heart. If you meet these conditions, you can start the guided quest line, investigate the status of the Azeroth Titan facility with Magni, lead to a larger story line, and start the raid events of Uldum and Fairview Valley. When the raid event in these two areas is turned on, it will also unlock the ghost illusion, and finally guide you to the legendary cloak "Ashla Camas, the protection of determination", which can help you as you penetrate the raid area and the ghost illusion You resist the corruption of N'Zoth. With Ragio's help, you will also continue to increase the resistance of the new cloak to corruption.

Note: You need to complete the storyline to unlock N’Zoth Assault and Horror Illusions, and they will also allow you to get the essence of the N’Zoth theme and new Corrosive Gear.

Players will cooperate with Magni in the questline and get a new ability called Titan Purification, which can purify the Virgin Corrosion Equipment, but the benefit of Corrosion Equipment will also disappear. However, you must collect corrupted souvenirs in N’Zoth's apparition before you can use Titan Purification.

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