While, it's true that the Curry Slide technically shouldn't be possible to earn or included in NBA 2K22 MyCareer right now the players have come up with an option that lets players to 2K22 MT channel their inner chef. This article will show you how to acquire, and do, your own Curry Slide dribble animation in NBA 2K22 MyCareer for Current Gen and Next Gen.

It's been rumored to be that Curry Slide will be coming during the next MyCareer season however for those who are wondering how to activate the move as soon as possible Here's how you do. One thing to keep in mind is that, since this is a workaround or exploit, the technique is only accessible for those starting out with a brand new build.

The reason behind this is, in order to use an animation like the Curry Slide animation, players have to design their own build and upload it to the build tester feature. Though players can select their overall Badges or the Jump Shot from a list of preset animations, the game randomly provides players with dribbling animations to use.

For this reason, players have noticed that if you go into the tester the tester, it may allow users to try the Curry Slide. To determine if it's possible to perform this Curry Slide in the build tester, or to do the move in general you need to hold either the RT and R2 button on your controller , and Buy NBA 2K22 MT flick the right stick diagonally away from your ball hand.

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