Getting decent voxel resolutions has been a problem on itself for elderly engines and it wasn't until quite recently that people started considering them again for sport development. There's also the fact we've been shown their modeling instruments (on streams) and see them working and rs gold 2007 texturing in polygonal applications. I partially agree with your other point, they likely have to redo a good deal of work to correct attachment points and animations, but they're also able to reuse any skeletal models they have to some degree to recalculate the same animations over another version, as long as the proportions will be keept exactly the same.

By snapping vertices runetek originally allowed for cartoon. It's possible to see that in a handful of the various osrs dev streams. Its quite led to plenty of animation that is awkward and clunky. Rs3 has gradually moved on to utilizing skeletons to restore matters, and im certain this has creeped to runescape player model animations, but it still feels clunky because of a lot of the specialized debt that jagex has shrunk because of using a search motor. The issue is that the version itself, which I dont believe you touched. Each of versions have a topology which is made up of polygons; thats a given as a coating can be appropriately described with 3 points in space.

The issues with the runescape player model dont have to do with technical issues like that, but rather atrocious modeling in itself. Two of the examples of the modeling which come to mind faces in general and would be the fucked up knees on characters. From what we could tell, the knees are only a case of genuinely terrible body, while confronts are a mixture of awful body and technical debt that emanates out of animating with vertex manipulation. I do believe jagex can now improve runescape player versions, but I feel like they are worried to do this because of mix of lack of finance return incentive, technical debt, and runescape player backlash.

That's just such bad planning and poor layout administration. RS3 has been hurried and published without thinking of these long term problems such as updating runescape's own runescape player models and overall images to compete as a"contemporary" mmorpg. And to think there is a lot of MMORPGS nowadays (Some released close to RS3 back in 2013) that have awesome customization character development which even includes several races and yet they could pull off selling fresh makeup and accessories and cartoons without a problem. Maybe things might have been different if they correctly made RS3 from scratch utilizing a totally new game engine and not clinging at their own Runescript and ditch the old tick established system or maybe just planned for osrs how to buy gold the future updates correctly.