BioX Pure Pro Protein Drink is amongst the most used RTDs (Ready to drink). Gym athletes use BioX Pure Pro Protein Drink due to its delicious taste and Speed up Muscle Recovery after a Workout. Moreover, it is a healthy way to Quickly Recover from Training Sessions. Several protein supplements are available in the market, Biox pure pro ranks top of them because of its delicious tastes and quick muscle growth. However, you must know that Pure protein supplements must be used as per the prescription.  Overdosage of the supplement might cause issues in the digestive system, headaches, etc. BioX Pure Pro Protein Drink offers 40 grams of protein and assists in speedy muscle recovery and losing extra body fat.

Why do we use BioX Pure Pro Protein Drink

Protein supplements like biox pure pro are fully capable of reducing hunger in two ways.

Initially, it increases the appetite-increasing hormones while minimizing the level of hunger hormones. Second, it reduces extra cravings and makes you feel fuller.  According to a study published in 2015, an increase in protein intake from 10% to 25% total calories resulted in consumption of 441 fewer calories. Which resulted in significant weight loss. A protein drink is a convenient way for protein addition to your daily diet. Whereas, you must keep in mind that too much protein can lead to the consumption of excess calories. Another study has concluded that daily usage of 20-50 grams of protein resulted in a reduction of hunger up to 50-65%, regardless of the quantity of protein intake.

Improves Metabolism

In addition to offering Quickly Recover from Training Sessions, protein drinks are also a great source of improving metabolism by helping in burning more calories every day. A high-protein diet combined with exercise, helps in burning fat and improves metabolism Moreover, you should know that the speed of gaining muscle and losing fat depends on the amount of muscle you already have, it is called thermic effect food.

Lose Weight and belly fat 

Many researchers agree with the fact that protein drink is a vital source for Speeding up Muscle Recovery SupplementsA study was published and participants were given 25% of the calories as protein and they lost 10% belly fat as compared to those eating half the amount. In Another experiment, the participants were given 56 grams of protein drinks per day and it resulted in 2.3kg weight loss in 23 weeks.

Prevent muscle loss 

A diet for weight loss leads to losing muscle that can adversely affect your metabolism. This helps in gaining weight quickly as soon as you go off the diet. A regular protein intake with daily exercise prevents muscle loss and metabolic slowdown. Evidence has proved that daily intake of protein supplements, for weight loss, might lead to effective muscle maintenance.

Re-gaining the weight after weight loss 

The use of protein keeps you away from gaining extra body fat, and aids in regaining the lost weight. A study was conducted and it was claimed that participants who consumed more protein lost weight and maintained the same position in comparison to other groups who were on a low-protein diet.