India is one of the developing nations in today’s world. Today’s India has a lot to tell about its past. Though people have tried discovering through the scriptures and monuments that are present across the country, people believe that there is still a lot to learn about this nation. It is quite amazing to know that India has such a rich culture and its diversity is a true representation. There are several sources of ancient Indian history. One of the well-known websites is considered to be My Ancient India. It beautifully describes about a lot of events and people, like Chandragupta Maurya who is known as one of the supreme rulers to exist. There are lots of things that one can learn from the life of Chandragupta Maurya and implement even today in daily life.

Chandragupta Maurya Date of Birth is 340 BC. He is famously known for establishing the Mauryan Empire. Another interesting fact is that he was born in a humble family but was abandoned and orphaned by them. He was then raised by a pastoral family where he was brought up. Here he was trained and counseled by another famous individual whose name was Chanakya. His actual journey to become a king started from here. According to My Ancient India, Chanakya was a famous brahmin, who was also known as Kautilya as well as the sole author of Arthashastra. Mauryan Empire has been one of the largest empires across India. It is intriguing as well as astonishing to see such an individual growing up to build the largest empire. One can only state that it is his sheer commitment as well as the thought process to build such a large empire that will be spoken for several years to come. My Ancient India beautifully explains the life history of the famous history starting from the Chandragupta’s date of birth.

Reading Chandragupta Maurya Family history we learn how a young individual faced many hardships in his life. There are very few individuals who can withstand those hardships and become winners. The empire of Chandragupta started from Bengal and extended itself to most of the regions except the modern day’s Kerala, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu. He was born in Pataliputra. Today we know Pataliputra as modern-day Bihar. His wife’s name was Durdhara. Another major fact to remember is that his grandson was Ashoka and he is another famously known personality to change the course of history further. Ashoka pillars are found across the various Indian subcontinents. It was erected during the reign of the Mauryan Empire and even today, it still stands strong without any damage. The scriptures and the carvings on these pillars do remind about the Mauryan culture and the history of Chandragupta as well as Ashoka. During the latter part of his life, Chandragupta decided to become a monk. He left the kingdom and transitioned himself into a monk in the Jain tradition. My Ancient India provides all the details about Chandragupta Maurya Family history and people can simply visit the website and learn more about him as well as the historical periods of ancient times. So visit this website now as it is one of the best sources of ancient Indian history.