The world is struggling with health catastrophes which are the result of our ignorance towards health. Time cannot be reversed, so it is better to give attention to health before it’s too late.  But if you are plunged into a thorny situation of medical crisis, then ambulance service is the only recourse that will help you come out of the darkness of emergency. For safe ground medical evacuation, medically traumatized people can select the Medilift Air & Train Ambulance. We assure safe and convenient transport, encapsulated with medical facilities.


Regardless of all complexities in curative transportation, we can proudly say that we hold a record of successful repatriation. Our vision of contributing to the well-being of society is accomplished by transporting critical patients at the earliest to provide them with better treatment regimes. The Train Ambulance Service in Patna has forayed in executing patient commutation most simply. We do not believe in turning the procedure hectic as it will add extra stress to patrons. We demonstrate a high grade of professionalism but in a compassionate manner. The Train Ambulance Patna abides by all transport regulations and works in adherence to medical protocols.

Distinctive Attributes of Medilift Air & Train Ambulance in Kolkata

Curative commutation via train is not easy; it involves accuracy and precision in each step. Train ambulance is generally used to transport patients to long-distance venues, so the remedial team of the Train Ambulance Service in Kolkata operating for Medilift Train Ambulance keeps itself prepared with a contingency plan. This helps the rail medical crew to take necessary steps if any unpleasant incident occurs during the journey. Our help desk counter is open 24/7 and our executives are available to attend your calls and provide a spontaneous response to your urge. We are touching new heights by incorporating innovative technology into our process. We list some of the remarkable features of the Train Ambulance from Kolkata-

  • Affordable rate
  • Experienced team of medical professionals
  • ICU set-up in train compartments
  • Avant-grade medical devices installed in coaches
  • Transparency in booking
  • Free health check-ups before boarding the train
  • Advanced medical monitoring of patients during the journey
  • Quick repatriation within 24 hours of booking