There is a big difference between a simple repair and a major and costly breakdown if you regularly inspect and maintain your vehicle's moving components.

Your car's most critical maintenance is a yearly oil change. To assist extend the life of the vehicle's engine, it will decrease wear and tear on the machine. Maintaining your car regularly will reveal any faults that need to be addressed to increase fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of wear and tear on your brakes, steering, and suspension.

An annual guarantee of fitness (WoF) inspection verifies that your car satisfies all legal safety requirements.

The car’s owner should maintain the vehicle in a warrantable state at all times.

If your car passes a full Wof Christchurch, you'll need to put up a WoF sticker on the outside. The brakes, tires, tread depth, safety belts, exhaust, lighting, steering, and suspension of your car should all be checked.

If you want to keep your automobile safe and dependable while also maximizing its fuel efficiency, we suggest that you get it serviced often. Maintaining your vehicle regularly might help avoid small concerns from becoming costly repairs. However, as a car age and is used more, some components may need Vehicle Repairs Christchurch.

If you're concerned about your safety, don't cut corners. Not just during a WOF inspection, but regularly, you should get your brakes examined. If your brakes need to be repaired, we can machine or replace the discs or drums, replace the brake pads or shoes, lubricate the caliper slides, and refill the brake fluid.

We have procedures to guarantee that our clients are back on the road as fast as possible once an incident occurs. We provide a drop-off service for people who work or live nearby, and many loan automobiles to ease the burden. You should include the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan in the vehicle owner's handbook. We at adhere to these standards to provide you with the Auto Shop Christchurch service possible.

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